Two colors to choose for the model can be connected to a safety jacket.
The Sonorant trousers of Alpine stars Italian equipment manufacturer, which celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2013, have a waterproof and breathable removable membrane called Daystar. This membrane has more mesh inserts that ensure the skills of pants for use in any weather.
Another feature of the Sonorant is the fact that it is designed to be worn directly on the skin or on top of a traditional dress pants. From the perspective of the protection, the Sonorant has firstly a construction resistant to abrasion, but also rigid protections in the knees and hips. All protections are adjustable and adjustable.
In addition, the Sonorant has a coupling system with a jacket based on the principle of a zipper. Another safety device, reflective strips, invisible by day, allows the rider to be more visible at night.
From the point of view of comfort, the Sonorant has adjustable legs at the hips, but also long zippers with reflective tape to facilitate donning of the trousers and the passage of boots. What adapt to users of road trails, but also to those who leave paved roads to take their BMW R 1200 GS kind of trail off the beaten track.