Fines could fall with the arrival of winter. The public prosecutor and the National Police conducted an awareness campaign to cyclists (100,000 bicycles commuting identified, 12% of Strasbourg travel), Wednesday afternoon, on the deck of the Raven. What’s the goal? Promoting living together, cyclists, pedestrians and automobilists, remember the safety rules and mandatory equipment such as reflective tape and safety vest and announce the reinforcement of cyclists controls. And therefore the verbalization suitable for bicycles, as reported by 20 Minutes Thursday, November 20.

So on Wednesday, but no verbalization of prevention. And that's good for this father carrying his daughter on the rack and son on the handlebars of his bike. If its lighting equipment is prescribed, this behavior does not leave insensitive municipal police that control. All three leave on foot.

"See and be seen"

Geraldine, she leaves the deck of the Raven with small lamps distributed during this awareness campaign. The cycle of the young woman had many lights but no reflective tape. It also accepts good to burn his bike. "I do not know if it will change anything but I prefer to do it, I'm already fly me four or five bikes," says cyclist makes daily Krutenau for work and moves only two -Wheels.

"See and be seen is essential for their protection and that of others," says Michel, the prosecutor indicating the return of "repression adapted to remind cyclists the reality of things." “The undervalued fines have had some effect, said Alain Winter, deputy regional director of public safety (DDSP 67). Cyclists’ liability rate in accidents decreases. In 2012, in 62% of cases, cyclists were responsible for the accident in which they were involved. In 2014 are 48% of cases. "

The prosecutor incentive to travel with a helmet and clothing with a reflective vest (mandatory open road and when there is a lack of visibility agglomeration). He ton when he lists "careless and unaware" of cyclists that circulate with headphones on ears, calling or burn a fire or do not stop at a stop sign. hence the announcement of a return of repression to educate users.