Clamping, wearing gloves, yellow vest with reflective tape, interfiles: what will change for bikers in 2016
by dadum1 on 01/01/2016 [road safety]
The year 2016 has just begun will mark many changes for bikers. How to see clearer in the new regulations, and when?
Unpacking: with ABS ... for new registrations as of January 1
Start with the symbolic end of the clamping motorcycles waited for over 30 years. Since 20 November 2012, date of the announcement by the European Parliament that it would no longer tolerate the French except for 100 horses bridle, we know that from the fateful date of 1 January 2016, motorcycles newly registered would not be clamped. Here we are now, and in fact all the bikes that will now be imported into our territory will be in full possession of their power, but they will also be subject to the new Euro 4 standard, which imposes stricter rules pollution, and also imposes an ABS braking system. Regarding retroactivity of depredate motorcycles already in the territory, otherwise called "retrofit", nothing new since the draft decree linking the ABS, which we mentioned last October.
yellow reflective vest: mandatory under the seat on January 1
Regarding the yellow vest, or more precisely retro reflective, it is not a matter for bikers to wear it all the time, but to have one "on them or in their vehicle storage (net, safe ...) "and they will" wear down when their vehicle after an emergency stop, to improve their visibility. "This decree, applicable from 1 January 2016 it was adopted shortly after the publication of figures Road Safety considered worrisome for two and three-wheeled motorized and published in the official newspaper of Sunday, May 10, 2015. They join in that motorist’s up must have two retro-reflective vests in the cockpit of their car (and a warning triangle).
Wear gloves: Order in preparation
While the possession (not compulsory wearing, we recall) yellow vest is already choosy, the mandatory use this time of gloves for all users of two or three-wheel motor is in preparation Board of state. A decree should endorse this measure in the next few days (perhaps along with the retrofit ...), which would only confirm a practice already widespread among bikers, as the gloves are already part of their basic equipment.
Interfile: Authorized in four regions as a test in February
As we have written a few days ago, experimenting with the movement of inter-files in motorcycles finally enter into force on 1 February. A decree authorizing the movement of motorbikes between two rows of cars in certain conditions appeared Saturday, December 26, 2015 in the Official Journal. 4 designated test areas are Ile de France, Boucher du Rhone, the Gironde and the Rhone, and this experiment, recommended at the end of 2013 by the Council of Road Safety (NSRF) should start on 1 February to extend over the next four years. To have the right to move between two rows of cars, biker, or three wheels with a width of one meter, and must roll "between two rows of vehicles located on the two more lanes to the left of the road ", says the text.