And since 1 January 2016, all bikers and scooter riders must be in possession of a retro-reflective vest and wear it in case of breakdown or accident.
This obligation involves not (yet?) Wearing the safety vest while driving, but to hold a "storage in their vehicle (net, safe)," the official text. Nuance size!
In case of control, the fine for lack vest on board the motorcycle or scooter is 11 Euros. And if you do not wear in case of emergency stop, plum reached 135 Euros!
Two other important details to consider: from the moment it is CE, this vest "high visibility" can be a color other than yellow (orange, for example, like those used in public works), even if a majority of vests sold commercially adopt the neon yellow.
Moreover, a simple armband like those worn by cyclists is not enough: the order setting the terms of this requirement explicitly refers to a "garment worn on the upper body" type "chasuble, safety jacket or vest."
The A2 license for all!

Another new strain ready to fall on the helmet of motorcyclists in 2016: the obligation to begin training for the A2 license, regardless of the age of the candidate. So far, only the age of 24 had to go through the "A2 box", which restricts driving motorcycles of less than 35 kW (47.5 hp). Above that age, the training could begin by the license says "big cube" (permit A).
Ironically justified by the "end of the limitation to 100 hp power of motorcycle" at the IRB in October, this measure scheduled for early 2016 raises the concern of many professionals, who fear a decline in the number of registered in the motorcycle license.
And again, the unfairness of this measure what ruffle the hair since no restriction of this sort is imposed during the transition from automobile license!
Specifically, the government estimates that a driver of 18 years (or 16 years in accompanied driving) may well start driving a Ferrari 500 hp, but it is imperative that a rider of 30, 40 or 60 years make his weapons for two years on a motorcycle with only 50 hp ...
Finally, last measurement for both users and three-wheeled whose binding was announced last fall by Manuel Vales at the IRB: the obligation to wear gloves with reflective tapemotorcycle or scooter, as advocated by the report Regis Guyton prefect in 2013.
Originally scheduled for 1 January - decidedly! - This new law is not yet formally entered into force, until the State Council vote a decree specifying in particular approvals of standards imposed on those gloves.
This obligation will - for once - in a good way, to the extent that it will encourage all users to equip themselves well, already widely reflex followed by almost all riders (with a few exceptions, notably in the summer city).
However, he would have considered good that this measure is accompanied by financial compensation (reduction in VAT, for example), to help motorcyclists and scooter riders cope with the added expense but also to equip correctly. But nothing seems planned in this direction now ... Too bad.
We comfort with a positive event for bikers in 2016: the establishment in February of experimenting with interfiles traffic on highways to Ile-de-France (including peripheral), Boucher-du Rhône, Gironde and the Rhone. The picture of the New Year is not completely black for motorbike users!