Bad drivers: what risks for cyclists?
Fish tails, tight overtaking or imposed stops are unfortunately a daily reality for our fellow cyclists with safety vest on the roads. How can the displacement of drivers crop, so to make life less hard and above all safe route? What reflexes the bikers can they follow to cohabitation on good terms? Here are our tips for smart kids finally reconcile the two and four-wheels!
Wearing headphones recommended
Due to the intensity of traffic and tight spaces, more than 85% of cycling accidents occur in urban areas. While most injuries are superficial and match skin abrasions or minor bruises, it is more serious, leading to fractures or even irremediable. Hence the required helmet! To use the road safety campaigns: "its round, it's ugly, it's not going with anything, but it can save your life."
Given the risks, all road users are equal. What put everyone agree! Indeed, respect for signage, lighting and obligation visibility, reporting intentions to turn and his dead-angles apply both to cyclists and motorists. They are always welcome to reduce speed and keep a safe distance of at least 1 meter. As for our friends, do not forget to wear retro-reflective vest can help to go around. The latest evolution of behavior is reassuring, however, with a decline of 10.4% of bicycle deaths between 2013 and 2014.
Already committed to the cause of two-wheelers, you can always wear a redemption car and join the 26 million regular cyclists account France. And to help you identify and avoid the original steering wheel, so check out the info graphic below.