Recent tragic, fatal traffic accident happened in Satu Mare county: a young man without safety vestnear Pete irregularly walking on the road when he ran over. Severe Szamoskrassón been run over and suffered serious injuries in a scooter as well.
  Unfortunately, neither it depended on it this weekend without any major traffic accidents Satu Mare county roads. In addition, one human life is demanded. On Friday evening, shortly before midnight, the 29-year-old Stefan G. Mercedes Sprinter commercial vehicle driving in model did not take from the National Road DN 19, and Pete realized Pusztadaróc side of the road illegally, was walking without a reflective vest P. Dumitru. The accident unfortunately the 38-year-old pedestrians were killed on the spot.
  It is also a serious and run that occurred during Friday Szamoskrassón where Mercedes-type driving in your car in the 32-year-old was hit by C. Peter S. Valentine. The 63-year-old man with bike wanted to change direction and turned in front of the vehicle carelessly. The cyclist in reflective tape suffered serious injuries and was transported to the hospital.
  Also seriously injured a 26-year-old C. Vasile, a Yamaha scooter type of back ran into him in a progressive direction of a vehicle. The crime scene turned out to be the scooter was not registered, the young man he had no driving license.
  Finally, no ordinary traffic accident happened between Joseph Hall and Livada. B. Mihai type of gravel delivered DAF tipper trailer truck, but the cargo was not properly Loaded. The falling gravel and caused a total of thirteen different passenger car in a greater or lesser damage. Therefore, the head of the vehicle 780 lei fined.