The cycling club Castelnaudary also his school. Under the leadership of its passionate and exciting President Jean Hernandez, forms of performing young athletes.
It is from eight years that can register with the club to be part of the school of Cycle Laragia’s Castelnaudary. You just have to have a bicycle adapted to the size of the child, as well as the necessary safety equipment (helmet, reflective vestand gloves in particular). The sessions take place on Wednesdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m... It carries it among other handling, and we learn the good grip of his bike, the traffic, mechanics, and mapping for hiking. And to reward young athletes after exercise, pleasure: the taste is offered by the club.
It is a school of cycling, but also a school of life, which is booming. Six students from the first year in 2014, enrollment has more than doubled in 2016. A boom linked to the professionalism of supervisors. To accompany them, the school can count on a strong team with a monitor, facilitator, and two initiators with reflective clothing.
The proper guidance coupled with a good atmosphere make the chariness young thrive and show in competitions. Indeed, two young people with reflective accessories were selected regional mountain bike and road Ludovic Ferial finished seventh on the road in the category 12-14 years, and Julian Penance finished in fifth place 14-16 years.
This brilliant season has ended with a mountain bike raid in Black Mountain, with an orientation exercise and some courses on various plants encountered along the way. The return for the Cyclo-Lauragais Castelnaudary School will be the first Wednesday of the school year. The price of an annual license for startups is 35 € (license and insurance included). You can already make entries for next season with M.Jean Hernandez 06 23 67 09 30 or 04 68 94 62.