Anyone who is often associated with the city, you can see that the designated routes for cyclists are not always red, yellow or green can sometimes be too. The colors, as it were, the danger level is shown by the meaning of the red-painted reflective tape to participate designed for cars plying the cyclists, the yellow color means that pedestrians plying along their respective sections, while the green-painted on roads exclusively for cyclists. In fact, it is not always possible to know where to begin or where to end on a bike path, execution let us not go into that ...

The meaning of the colors is good to know, but there are more important information and there are rules! avoid accidents would be good to follow them, which are otherwise required by law - or at least be careful while rewinding the traffic, because the car vs. bicycle rider without safety vest battles have one hundred percent of cars have won. A bicycle is much more exposed to danger as a car chief. The driver school always tell us that "Here, pay attention to cyclists!" And it is no accident, because a lot of times for cyclists where pedestrians where to bike and void where drivers to put themselves and snatches without thinking in front of cars, pass through a red light or go up on the curb.
  The full rules can be found on the side of the traffic of bicycles. Let me raise a few important things out below.
  A bicycle must be equipped with proper markings: white or yellow front lights, rear red light and red cat eye is required. The wheels can be fitted with reflective vest or lighting device while driving is compulsory to wear reflective vests. Not to mention that adequate brakes or turn away / Do not blame the government way to go!
  The bike path not stop! Equally important is the fact that if there is a bicycle path, it is optional to use, otherwise penalized - I might add, rightly - the cyclist. If a group of users, only rows feel like we can do this we cannot go side by side. Alcohol or other concentrations not sit on your bike during the dampening effect of drugs, frozen or snow-covered roads still not sober. And the most important thing at the end: they cannot go through gyalogátjárón sitting on the bike, pushing it by just themselves!