"These officials were conducting vehicules controls on Route I-90, when they requested the arrest of the vehicle that was driven by one of the attackers, which it down the effects of alcohol, as co-pilot the second assailant, who refused to the audit, beating and stab wounds to the police, breaking his bulletproof safety vest and multiple threats; situation that does not go unpunished, as an institution have a responsibility to take appropriate legal action, "said the Legal Counsel, Lizardo Moscoso.
  Moreover, the General Gutiérrez added that "the police were carrying out their duties properly, so we will work to show our support, especially mine, as Head of Zone VI."
  The continuity of legal actions, are in the hands of the Public Ministry will continue to collect background.
  Comfortable clothing, stop again, avoid the hours with more traffic and other tips for safe travel DGT
  In summer, the weather conditions are more lenient in driving, but there are other difficulties of the summer as increased traffic or heat and intense sun before which the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) recommends prevention and precaution. Just this summer 84 million journeys are expected.
  Before leaving, it is advisable to put the vehicle to point through a review to check the brakes, brushes, wipers, lights, lamps, oil, mirrors, tires and take the necessary spare parts: spare wheel the reflective vest or approved triangle to indicate accidents or breakdowns.
  It is also important to plan the trip at the state of the roads in real time. This can be done in Traffic Information Services on its website or in the media, on the phone 011 or social networks. This step can also be positive when distributing the stops and rest time.
  The DGT also recommended before starting the trip enough rest, avoid ingesting alcohol and drugs incompatible with driving.
  In preparing the trip it is important to evaluate the load to be transported, thus avoiding overstocking and carrying luggage rack.
  Do not forget to wear comfortable shoes and light clothing, wear soft drinks and have fresh hand and rule the documentation: driving license, registration certificate, technical inspection card and compulsory insurance.
Once behind the wheel, we must take the greatest care. People should travel with seat belts and children with devices approved restraint for their age.
 Also not let our guard down on short journeys.
  DGT advised to travel with dipped headlights on during the day, to be seen better and pay attention to avoid night driving and continuous driving, stopping to rest every two hours.
  The sun and heat required to take additional precautions in circulation, because sunlight tired eyes and high temperature causes nervousness and tension.
  It is therefore desirable to use the parasol as a visor, wear sunglasses and take care opacity of the visors attached to the glass not to reduce visibility.
  Given the heat, it is advisable to turn on the air conditioning or aerate the vehicle with reflective tape, keep window open and take cool drinks, make more frequent stops and monitor the temperature of the engine.
  Finally, the DGT recommends avoiding rush hours whenever possible, the most controversial bands usually between 15.00 and 24.00 hours on Friday heading out of urban centers, and from 18.00 to 24.00 hours on return on Sunday.