Legislation varies from time to time: some small boats (ICJ) today subject to registration, and what - no?
  - Let's start with the fact that one of the main responsibilities of the skipper, and just any boat owner - is security, which provides not only the ability to ship to withstand the reflective element, but also a huge baggage of experience. For this reason, I would like to pay special attention to the fact that when buying a small size, it is necessary to ship cherepovchane increasingly interested in whether it put on record or not, although the logic should not come out of this, and of their own needs. That is, to determine what is bought MS. For fishing or hunting one model suitable for the transport of passengers and cargo - the second, for swimming in closed basins with a small wave height - the third, at a great distance from the shore on the same Rybinsk Reservoir or White Lake - quite different. If you choose MS have to set the right priorities.
  In order to determine whether it is necessary to register a ship, it is necessary to determine the total weight of the vessel and the engine power. If the mass of up to 200 kg, and power output up to 8 kW (10.9 hp..), It is not necessary to register a ship. An important point: when determining the weight is taken into account not only the weight of the body, but also provided for this purpose supply vessel standards, plus the weight allowable for a given motor motorboats. For example, if you buy the motorboats "Progress" with motor 5 l. With that vessel would have to register, because it weighs 160 - 180 kg, plus the supply rate, plus motor, for example, 40 liters. from. - In the amount of more than 200 kg.
  A second example: if you get a PVC boat, most often its weight even with the engine and all the necessary supply will not exceed 200 kg, but there has to be considered the engine power. If it exceeds 8 kW, then, no matter how much the ship or weighed, it will have to register.
  Trending jet skis - is also a small-size high-speed, and even more dangerous because the court. They should also bear the registration number, the master must be only in a reflective vest. Use the guide-rotsiklom only in the daytime, only when calm and outside settlements. Operation of personal watercraft in the city limits is prohibited. Girotsiklov Cherepovets though is a little, but the violation of the facts available.
  Of those MS which do not need to register, note, sport, sailing ships, the length of which does not exceed 9 meters that have motors and are not places for recreation.
  For example, a person acquires the boat, which is necessary to register. What are the next steps?
  - First he must apply to the state registration GIMS, having a valid identity document, drawn up a statement, the input of documents (technical certificate, a contract of sale and operating instructions marked commercial network for the sale of the vessel or motor). Incidentally, many buy goods over the Internet, and therefore it is necessary to require that a product has been made originals of all technical documents. Then it is necessary to provide a vessel for an initial examination. If the vessel's technical condition is not suitable for use, but all documents are in order, it will not be the reason for refusal of registration. In this case, it will be issued an act of technical inspection of the vessel, which will be assessed "not suitable for swimming." That is, you can own, but do not use it. After a while, the ship can be given for the re-examination, and if there is an estimate of the "able-bodied", it can be exploited. I also want to note that, if a person acquires the ship with it, you must require the seller to ship the ticket with a note of deregistration vessel. This ship's ticket clearly stated all the technical characteristics of the hull and the engine. The future master shall verify all this in the same way as when buying a car.
About security
  In which case you need to get right on the MC Control, and in which - not?
  - Previously, it was necessary to have the right in any case, if the boat engine capacity greater than 5 liters. from. Now, the order is: if a vessel is subject to state registration, and the right to receive is necessary, and if the ship is not subject to registration, as we said above, navigating rights people may not have. In this regard, the number of cherepovchan receiving rights, was strongly reduced. This year did not hand over has no group. It should, however, remember that the skipper is responsible for security in any way, and therefore knowledge of the rules of swimming more than never. Quite often we see when a boat, for example, is tied to a buoy, and brings in outside the fairway. In Cherepovets enough schools preparing skippers, where you can sign up for courses. After the training, you must apply to the certification of the group to take the exam on the theory, which is valid for six months, and practice. Sometimes the exam takes place in a calm, sometimes even in more extreme situations. The inspector looks as skipper to cope with the task.
  In the MS, which are not subject to state registration, if life jackets are required?
  - Required! Failure to comply with this requirement may be fined from 300 to 500 rubles. And the safety vest must be worn on each boat. He must comply with GOST, that is to be orange with reflective stripes, not khaki or some other.
  How often do I need to provide to the registered MS technical examination?
  - Now you cannot do every year, and every five years, not only in the shipping season, and all year round. Also, we now have the opportunity to inspect the ship afloat. That is, if the skipper noticed in the waters of house boat GIMS, he can go to him and ask for a survey. State inspectors examine and make a corresponding mark. Then in a few days you can arrange inspection.