The MAIF Prevention Association was given the mission to educate inform and educate all forms of risks. Its action is mainly in schools. Thus CE2 and CM1 classes Corinne Venires Cantrell and Nathalie were introduced to the rules of the road on foot, aided by Cheney gendarme brigade Bretenoux They validated their work obtaining and passing pedestrians allowed. The CM1 also worked on bicycle traffic and understood the usefulness and relevance of this mode of travel. In addition to their degree, they were presented, Friday, March 25, by Gerard Moles, representing Prevention MAIF, a lot of reflective vest. They are committed to implementing the principles studied for the benefit of their safety and the environment.
  Each year, the Charles Perrault School Niceville offers students an introduction to road safety. But for the first time this year, it is the police who moderated the sessions. Constable Arnaud Iselin, road safety in monitor, attended two days. "This initiation is for pupils of CE2, CM1 and CM2," said the director, Patrick Frayssinet. "We want to educate children and through them their families."
  The morning is a theoretical education provided. The goal is to train children to appropriate behavior to be a good pedestrian but also a good cyclist or a good passenger. By car, it is thus necessary to stress the need to fasten the seat belt.
A cycling track was introduced. Schoolchildren should have all the safety equipment, including yellow safety vest and helmet. The course was punctuated by turns, obstacles, a stop line. He noted the students and gives them a pedestrian license at the end of the day. "The most affected pupil accidents are those of the sixth. Thus, it is better to learn good behavior as soon as possible.