Each month seven children are victims of road accidents, often due to lack of visibility. To reduce risk, the Road Safety wants the reflective bands must be included in the binders of small schoolchildren.

In France, children are often victims of road accidents, most of the time on the way to school. From their 1.20 m, they do not apprehend the danger in the same way as adults, and motorists do not always have the reflex to stop in time when a toddler up behind a parked car, or to retrieve a ball. According to the Road Safety, 7 children under 12 years are killed every month and 12 children were injured and hospitalized every day, 4,295 children per year. 

Zero children killed on our roads.  

To reduce the risk of accidents, the Road Safety Association published a manifesto entitled "Zero children killed on our roads." She claims a VAT rate of 5.5% for car seats against 20% today, the spread of pedestrian collision avoidance systems on all new vehicles as well as the speed limit of 30 km / h on the edge schools, gyms, parks and public gardens, estates and conservatories. The association also asked the secure management of all pedestrian crossings with zebra and a stop line one meter before passing. 

Fluorescent strips on school bags.

 Finally, the Road Safety wants reflective strip on all school back to school bags and bags become mandatory. In winter, when night falls early, children are visible at 150 meters instead of 30 meters. “With any law, safety devices would be widespread, fairly large and mostly well placed in front, behind and to the side," says the newspaper Le Anne, President of the Association Road Safety. In Germany for example, the binders are regulated: the reflective tape should cover 20% of the surface of the bag and 10% of straps.

Finally, remember that accidents occur most often between 11 and 13 years old at the time of entry into 6th. It was during this period that young school children are the way for the first time, to visit their new school. Do not hesitate to make the trip together and make sure your child is well integrated all codes and road hazards before letting him make the path as a great