With a week late, or perhaps of technical tests, last night the ordinance which provides in Spino d'Adda, in Cremasco, that prostitutes to dress in reflective tape was officially launched. An original measure, to say the least, that began long ago. Last month, in fact, the junta of Spino d'Adda, led by the Department of Safety and Deputy Mayor Lucian Sinigaglia, as well as extend the previous order which saw the multabili customers up to 500 Euros for the one-stop strategy in the presence of ladies, he has a new propsta. And swallow. Conscious of a similar measure already adopted in Pavia, in San Genesio to be exact, decided to oblige the fireflies that exercise during the day to bring the reflective vest, while the nocturnal colleagues, in addition to the jacket, the pants also imposed, even these strictly "sbarluccicanti". And c hi sgarra, another 500 euro fine. "The order - confirms the commissioner - does not want to punish the fireflies, but force them to leave in another municipality, something that until now, despite fines and measures, in all these years we never got."
  However, just when the measure was about to leave, someone came to me that maybe the streetwalkers were not warned in advance. So, before the mayor of the village, Paul Riccaboni, and then his deputy and right-hand man, went to '' hunt for fireflies to inform them of what was going to happen. Surprisingly, however, the girls not only have not made a turn, but responded to the mayor to buy him vests, if you really wanted to force them to wear them. Despite everything, however prostitutes are informed and the order, with two or three "expeditions", among those who flee at the mere sight of a uniform and those who just turns away, is delivered.
  Meanwhile, the purchase of safety vest has really thought about it the same deputy mayor: "With 30 Euros I bought six, symbolically, and I handed them over to some girls. For my move someone threatened to sue for aiding and abetting prostitution. I have no words". And indeed, at least in some cases, the order was even taken. "We are faced with two different attitudes - admits Sinigaglia - because while the colored girls wear the jacket without any problems, those nocturnal Eastern Europe have declared that they will go away." But in any case, "from next week we will start with the controls and fines. We have not the brigade commander, who is on vacation, but the sanctions may even think the police.