Nancy Court of Appeal twelve years required against the drunk driver with reflective clothing who killed a young garbage collector

The appeal trial of Hattabi Sharif that killed a young garbage collector of the High Country while driving without a license, drunk and cannabis in the blood was held on Tuesday in Nancy. Twelve years were required.
Tristan Gadzinski was 20 less than a month, was at the dawn of his life when he died at dawn this April 11 2014. It was 4 pm when 30 crazy cars came mow young garbage collector and fit into the dump truck that picked up the garbage on a street of the locality of La Malaise, in the municipality of Mance (Pays-Up). Taken to hospital jersey Brie, the young man died in the hours that followed. The passenger with reflective element of the car, 23, suffered it, a major facial trauma.
At first instance, in May 2015, Cheri Hattabi, 37 at the material time, was sentenced to ten years of prison. A heavy penalty that the court was justified by enumerating the aggravating factors accumulated by the driver: he had 1.27 grams of alcohol in blood, had smoked cannabis, driving without a license, without insurance and speeding. The counter of the Meganne remained stuck at 90 km / h after the shock but an expert was estimated at 140 km / h the speed he was traveling at the time of impact.
Another concern for Cheri Hattabi: his locker long as an insurance policy. Twenty-six entries, including 19 dedicated to the only road activity. Tuesday in the Nancy Court of Appeal, the President Wagner has detailed that "judicial charts" "13 lines without a license, 2 with alcohol, 1 with drug use and 3 for lack of insurance ...” The judge also said that the garbage truck was visible, "parked under a streetlight, with two flashing lights in operation and the garbage men wearing their reflective vest."
"Attitude shocking and indecent"
The day of the facts, Hattabi Sharif returned from Luxembourg and stopped in two bars to drink coca whiskey. He assures to have no recollection of the accident. He thinks having dozed. "This sentence of ten years is very heavy," he loose in the bar. "I have a family, parents, and a kid. For two years, I cannot sleep, but it happened, I did not want. It could have happened to anyone. “President Wagner leapt: "You have deliberately sitting on all court decisions!”
The Advocate General requires 12 years and a permanent ban on passing the driving license, denounces "this appalling and indecent attitude of coming to beg a sentence discounts".
"Whatever we say, whatever we think is a traffic accident," says Mr. Both-Petit. "It recites his locker that made him the last of the last, but the judge noted that he had expressed regret. He is aware of what he did. This is a tragedy for this 20 year old boy who died along the whole but it is also a tragedy for my client.