Motorcyclists: yellow safety jacket or safety is now mandatory
 Bikers are housed in the same boat as motorists concerning the detention of a safety vest. Whether you ride on two wheels, three wheels or quad, yellow vest is mandatory.
 The regulation came into force on 1 January 2016. It will cost € 11 if you did not during a check by the police. What? The
safety vestor waistcoat yellow motorcycle.
Note that it is not necessary to carry around, but just to have on hand in storage or net.
By cons, emergency stop (accident, failure), you must wear it if you get off your craft. Otherwise, you risk a fine of € 135.
Remember that this is a measure that allows you to be visible to other road users in case of a problem because you become more vulnerable. Read our article on what changes to January 1, 2016 for motorists and bikers
 Reminder to Motorists
booster shot for motorists, the obligations of the high visibility vest and emergency warning triangle remain valid. For fines, they are identical, namely:
    € 11 in case of immediate non-presentation of the triangle or the vest in case of traffic control. If you have neither, you will be fined twice!
    € 135 for non-use of the triangle and / or jacket. You risk that a single fine in this case.