For weeks continued to cloud and drizzle, combined with the darkest time of the year, do not let your mercy. Last of the light beam has time to disappear before the working-age population has time to move out. Riding a jog No one should leave without reflective vest.

   Dark forest must be used with quite a different way than the illuminated streets, knows that Catherine and Margaret Talk Hänninen. They ride almost every day in spite of the darkness.

   We are not the darkness and the rain is not hindered. It is essentially a question of attitude and equipment. Today can be found in the atrocities good headlamps, which light is good to go. And when there is a sure-footed, reliable horse, so is it in  anything, pondered Hänninen.

Reflectors hooves neck

    Catherine Talk not leave a jog riding without reflectors.

    Car drivers do not remember to put the lights on time short and it is frightened the horse.

    Catherine TalkÂ

    I have prepared my horse legs reflectors, as well as neck of the neck piece. I myself have a safety vest. I have also been suitsissa reflectors.

    A short horse with lights

The road is not the best place for riders to move around, but now and then crossing the road is a must do. Always encounters on the road do not go with ease.

Minor blunders over the years has been the case. Car drivers do not remember to put the lights on time short and it is frightened the horse, recalls Catherine TalkÂ.

Both Hänninen that Talk want to remind motorists a few things.

 Remember motorists to slack off in the dark and change long headlights for short. You should be aware that a horse is a big animal that is overtaking should be possible to run the edge.

  The most important thing is to use reflective tape enough, so the rider on horseback. To oncoming cars is good to make it clear that here is becoming a "high-mix," says Margit Hänninen.