It is faith that moves. Thousands and these days cover the roads towards Fatima, with reflective vest or T-shirts fluorescent. Young, men, women, repeaters or beginners, all with the aim of reaching the "Altar of the World", regardless of blisters, fatigue and financial effort.
  Thousands of pilgrims go on foot towards the Sanctuary of Fatima, where they hope to arrive in the coming days for ceremonies on 12 and 13 May. Along the way they sing songs, pray the rosary, play, live, share life and narrow ties of friendship.
  There are several reasons that hikers point to the completion of the journey: the fulfillment of a promise, thanksgiving for a received grace, faith, fellowship, sacrifice and also the sport.
  Carlos Teixeira, the group In Rio de Vila Real, follows a group of 52 people, all in yellow safety vest. It is the tenth time that goes on pilgrimage to Fatima and goes "for the pleasure of walking" to "thank" and "make some requests to Our Lady of Fatima."
  The journey is long, are about 300 kilometers, made in steps of approximately 40 kilometers beginning at dawn "to enjoy the freshly baked", and "going well" takes seven days to materialize.
  A creative faith that also "move mountains"
  The Vila Real pilgrims sleep in fire stations and pavilions and even Vise have free meals, provided by the Movement Message of Fatima. From the town of Vibrato, daily meals "are up to each person."
  Already in Fatima, where the group will arrive on the 10th, accommodation and meals are again free, "very important aid" as yet, "the pilgrimage requires some financial effort" that "in this time of crisis not is easy, "it refers to the Renaissance Carlos Teixeira, adding that" on     average, each pilgrim should spend about 300 Euros.”
  "For some people who come to us is not easy, but faith moves mountains", says the walker, stressing that "it is faith that gives strength and courage to face the difficult times we are experiencing."
  The group follows the couple Lillian, architectural technique, and Paul Rivaling, civil servant, who prepared the trip well in advance. Pilgrims moved by faith and united in the same cause - thank an expired health problem. In order to integrate the pilgrimage, they worked "four months before in extra," says Lillian, highlighting the importance of experience "two" to "deepen the relationship as a couple."
  Elmira Menses will first walk to Fatima and the power to make "joined money in the last three months they worked." Now unemployed and, therefore, carries in his heart a special prayer: "May Our Lady helps us finds jobs."
  Also Mariana Teixeira, finishing the master's degree in sport, is new and part of the group of 42 people with reflective tape who came from the ruler.
Will "fulfill a desire of long ago" and Marta Pinto, 28, emergency ambulance technique in the Ruler fire department goes to thank "the faith, the blessings of life and the absence of tragedies in the corporation."
  The pilgrimage in which they operate is an initiative of the Humanitarian Association of Voluntary Firemen of Peso ad Regna, which also dealt with the housing and with the help of benefactors provides meals and all necessary assistance to the pilgrims. Thus, "each walker had only to pay five Euros for a pilgrim insurance," says Isabel Magadha’s, vowing to "not necessary."
  First plane, and then walk
  much of the pilgrims who head the Fatima vacations this time of year, in order to perform the pilgrimage. This is the case of Maria Bucovina, 60, who came expressly from Switzerland and a member of the Vila Real group.
  "I came on purpose just to walk to Fatima," says Maria Bucovina, living in Switzerland for 42 years.
  This emigrant takes vacation "purpose" to go to Fatima on foot. Thus six years ago. The first time he did it to fulfill a promise, then went on to do so "for pleasure" and "gratitude" for the protection of Our Lady of Fatima. Spends about "five hundred thousand Swiss francs", but ensures that while you can, will continue to "fulfill the tradition of pilgrimage on foot to Fatima."
  Margarida Nuns, also an emigrant in Switzerland is on the way to Fatima for the first time. Switzerland left her husband who "had to take a vacation to stay with children." Will "make a sacrifice for the family and all over the world and also to thank," refers to the Renaissance.