In Hamburg and the surrounding area alone, nearly 20,000 employees participate in 40 locations in the warning strikes.
  Hamburg. Martina Benn has come with more than 40 colleagues from the Hauni plant in Schwarzenbek by bus to Spielbudenplatz to St. Pauli. The 53-year-old deputy staff representative in the branch factory of Bergedorfer cigarette machine manufacturer, it is a technical draftsman and worked in the design department. This Tuesday Martina Benn wearing an orange reflective vest on the "We for more" is. It is the slogan of the IG Metall in this bargaining round, and this is the day on which the union increases pressure on employers. Martina Benn has logged into their company, it is in the warning strike for higher wages.
  Demand and supply are far apart: The union demanded a wage increase of five percent over the next twelve months. Employers have offered 2.1 percent in two stages plus a one-time payment of 0.3 percent within the next two years. In recent weeks, there has since been no movement for ten days contact the employees here and there for hours, in warning strikes - with no apparent effect.
  Now the union is the national day of action against the torture. in Hamburg and the surrounding area alone participate in that day, according to the union almost 20,000 employees in 40 locations in the warning strikes. In many companies, working in which the layer system, the council has called for work stoppages in a 24 hour period. This comes as a result of the full-day strikes very close, which had been announced in the event the union that there is no agreement before Pentecost.
  "Airbus is 8000-10000 colleagues participate," says Sophia Jacobsen, the Chairwoman of the work on Finkenwerder. "This is not a full strike, but in the halls currently not much is happening. The few colleagues who are there, not alone can finish yes. The employer in reflective tape gets the already clearly felt." Even when trucks Bauer Jungheinrich the labor dispute has a significant impact. Production at the Norderstedt plant was "significantly limited" on that day, says a company spokesman.
  Gut 4000 unionists gather in the morning on the Spielbudenplatz to rally. Most are previously drawn in three demonstration trains through the city, have IG Metall flags swung noised with whistles and rattles. Now there are greetings and speeches, which affirm that the union's demand is justified and that the counter-arguments of employers are wrong. For their offer there are boos and catcalls, symbolizing their demand stretch the unionists the fingers of one hand in the air. "That's just part of," says Martina Benn. She is 28 years in the union and do not know exactly on how many labor disputes it has been involved. "But a really big strike was not there. Mostly they'll agree but quickly."
  The speakers show different amounts of temper: "Let employers fire in the ass", asks about Ute Berbüsse, works council boss at machine tool builder fats. District manager Meinhard Geiken requires employers finally make an offer, through which you can negotiate. It is part of a ritual in which participated also the opposite side. Thomas Lambusch, the President of the Employers Association Nordmetall said on Tuesday again, too high a final hazardous jobs, the strikes were "irresponsible union Folklore".
  While publicly combat readiness is demonstrated, there are increasing signs that it could reach an agreement in the next few days several. In Tariff Zone North Rhine-Westphalia, there have been further discussions on Monday. Apparently union and employers in safety vest have become closer. Therefore, the negotiations should be continued tomorrow in NRW, which for now recognized in Baden-Württemberg talks are postponed. That it will result in a compromise that everyone knows on the Spielbudenplatz. District Manager Geiken stressed it still again. And Martina Benn says: "Three percent for a year would be okay This could probably live the establishments for which it is not doing so well economically.."