Valuable tips for buying the right satchel provides the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW) under the initiative "Clever shopping for school" at. Recommended are school bags with reflective material that are checked by the school bag standard DIN 58124th these high quality products meet the highest requirements.


As an Easter gift to Satchel great popularity. Also this year is again many of the 80,000 first-graders who come to school in September, outfitted with a satchel in her Easter basket. Choosing the right school bag is crucial not only for the safety and health of children, but also benefits the environment.


All DIN audited school bags have reflective strips that are mounted on the side or on the back. By the garish luminous areas children are more visible especially at dusk and in bad weather. DIN Satchel is also environment-friendly manufacture. It guarantees not contain harmful substances and are therefore particularly friendly.


Five smart tips:

1. DIN Satchel is outwardly good to acknowledge the reflective tape of warning colors (garish, orange, and yellow). When buying it, that the inspection body or the GS mark with DIN 58124 inspection note in the description.

2. DIN Satchel with EGR Plate (Campaign for Healthier Backs) is comprehensively tested for ergonomics.

3. Do not forget a long guarantee - at least three years - to look, and on whether a repair service is offered (cash Bon cancel).

4. Satchel in second-hand shop or residual goods in stores cost you less money for the same quality. Bags which remain in use for the purposes of re-use long provide an environmental benefit.

5. In the satchel is like clothing: Before buying the satchel should be tried if it fits.