Small Rider manual: rules to know to ride a motorcycle want to become a biker? You feel the call of motorbikes with reflective element, but you do not know the rules before you ride your bike. Thankfully, the ACA is here!
 You feel the call of motorbikes but you do not have a motorcycle license. What are the opportunities that are available to you?
The age of the future rider and the power of its engine determine the class of license to go:
    Class A1, available from the age of sixteen, allows driving a motorcycle 125 cm3 and 11 kW of power at most, with a power / weight ratio not exceeding 0.1 kW per kilogram;
    Class A2, for over eighteen years, allows the operation of a vehicle 35 kW of power at most, with a power / weight ratio not exceeding 0.2 kilowatts per kg;
    Category A opens, meanwhile, the doors of the most powerful vehicles for over twenty-four years and holders of A1 license for at least two years. The latter regulation may, however, be bound to change, a draft decree providing for the mandatory use category A2 (including for more than twenty-four years).
Cases without specific motorcycle license
Exceptions to the rules mentioned, it is possible to drive (in the country):
    Moped up to 50 cm3. The B license (driving license) is sufficient or even useless for those born before 1 January 1988 or with the AM license (former Road Safety Certificate).
    Light motorbikes up to 125 cm3. The B permit must be held for at least two years, provided they have undergone practical training (7 am) or to justify a practice of driving a light motorcycle or tricycle (more 50 cm3 or top speed of origin to 45 km / h) in the period of five years prior to 1 January 2011. Regarding the passage of events, it is interesting to note that obtaining a category license for five years or less, exemption from passing the theory test.
List of mandatory motorcycle equipment
It must be approved and attached by both the driver and the passenger. Besides the obviousness safe, non-wearing of helmets is punishable by a fine of € 135 and a loss of 3 points of the permit if the offense is committed by the driver.
The driver must have close to a reflective jacket to be able to put in an emergency (immobilization of the vehicle in case of failure). Otherwise, the fine is 11 € (135 € for non-use situation).
Excluding moped drivers, the driver must prove possession of a breath test (not used if disposable), available immediately. However, the lack of possession of a breathalyzer is not verbalized.
Summer, winter: the insurance guarantees the seasons
if the warm seasons are conducive to motorcycle escapades when coming cold seasons, climate conditions make this behavior less attractive and make you his asset.
Thus, insurers can offer, for those periods, suspend the different subscribed guarantees. It is understood that by choosing such a formula, you must remain insured under the minimum guarantee liability, reflective vest is mandatory.
What are the traffic rules?
You must circulate to date with the headlights on; otherwise you risk a fixed fine of € 35.
Your vehicle must be equipped with a license plate, yellow or white, set highlight at the rear. It must be removable and measure 21 x 13 cm (mandatory single format since 02/18/2015). Vehicles that already have plates do not have to change given that since 2009, two prevalent formats: 14 x 12 cm for mopeds and 17 x 13 cm or 21 x 13 cm for motorcycles. In case of non-compliance, the fixed fine is 135 €.
It is not mandatory at present. Although the issue is regularly raised and discussed, no decision has yet been adopted for its implementation.