East Bohemia - Two and a half thousand crowns can be expensive since last weekend, pedestrians walking on the road evening, if you cannot recall at reduced visibility outside the village reflective vest, risking a fine. The amendment to the Act seeks to reduce the number of collisions with cars of people.
  But police still nepokutovali nobody gave pedestrians transition period before you get used to the news, and yet resolves violations agreement.
  "Pedestrians, which at night or in poor visibility find us without any reflective elements, yet offering reflective armbands that our traffic patrols carry with them," said Regional Police spokesperson Ivana Ježková.
  The fining intends police now reach only when repeated offense.
  Reflective elements such as belt or sleeve cardigans people take for example the bike shop, stationery and so on. The Regulation applies to people moving on roadsides in unlit parts of the municipality or outside buildings. A measure that is part of an amendment to the Road Traffic Act, is primarily to enhance the safety of pedestrians.
  Traders already registered strong interest in this product.
 "Demand has grown for a long time after the approval of the new law, however, interest in recent weeks have increased," said Tomah Hardin, product manager Speed ​​Press Plus, which is the production and sale of reflective objects concerned.
  According to Christina Doubravová, managing director of sheltered workshops Leman from Hradec Kralove, general pressure to increase safety on the roads has been growing for a long time, which is also reflected in the growing interest in reflective objects.
  "We still most subject to our workshop with 18 people produces a safety vest, followed by a simple reflective strip on hand. Annually, there are thousands of individual products that draw, inter alia, regional police headquarters or Be sip, "added Doubravová.
  Reflective tape increase visibility of pedestrians in the dark up to 200 meters. Two-thirds of tragic collisions with pedestrians at night stain.
  According to statistics more than forty percent of pedestrian collisions with cars becoming pedestrian crossings. Car collisions with pedestrians at the same time increasing annually.