For the third consecutive year donates Safe Traffic an amount reflective tape to Ravens in Fredrik tad. These will again be awarded to individuals who Ravens meet on their city tours on weekends.

Very important, especially considering the Christmas season approaching. There is not anyone thinking of reflex when dressing up for parties, says Michelle Burgle, secretary of the Ravens in Fredrik tad.

New this year is the subject of reflective tapes, which this time was designed by Forde Overly, the person behind the cartoon character Amalie.

 Popular figure- Ponds is popular, and we think it will lead to many want to use your reflexes in question, says district manager in Road Safety, Pal-Gunnar Matheson.

They are easy to give away and easy to take on the arm, not to mention they save lives, adding district manager to.

Currently Ravens welcomed hundreds of reflective vest, and already this Saturday they will start handing out in the center.

In general, adults too poor to use reflex, says Matheson.

The project to hand out reflectors to Ravens is unique nationwide. Around 20,000

To my knowledge we are the only measure. So far, only the Ravens in Fredrik tad and Moss handing out these reflexes, explains Pal-Gunnar Matheson.

On 17 October, for the way the official reflex day in Norway. The occasion will be somewhere between 15,000-20,000 reflective tapes being handed out in Oslo. Also these will adorn their Amalie.