Puma has collaborated for the first time with UEG, the brand founded in 2011 by the Polish Michal that borrows the Italian acronym for "disposable", playing on the concept of consumption, to achieve the first collection autumn / winter 2016. The brand responds to the theme of the fleeting nature of our existence and stresses the unification values, communication and awareness.


The design is inspired by the sealing of the astronauts: clean silhouette combined with a bold graphic language of prints and emergency buttons - both in footwear both in reflective clothing - reflects the desire to break free from the weight of gravity and other common restrictions.


The Collection Puma x UEG mixes clean lines and a bold graphic language. A truly distinctive piece is the Court Play Boot x UEG, a boot inspired by the classic basketball shoe Sky Hi + introduced by Puma for the first time in 1980.


The UEG boot uses the traditional silhouette of the basketball shoe linking it to the idea of ​​the jump, so by invoking the concept of exploration of the cosmos. The use of foxing tape and processing with special volumes emphasize the synergy between the collection and the uniforms of the astronauts. The Velcro fastener placed under the knee adds another futuristic touch.

The bold graphic messages around the sole and reflective elements, combined with hi-tech fabrics, make it a truly futuristic piece.


The garments in the collection continue to push the boundaries of style to the visual language inspired by the space that has influenced the entire line. Puma x UEG Tech jacket mixes refined style and functional innovation, incorporating a hood with a unique design that reminds an astronaut helmet. Functionally, the jacket features a water-resistant treatment, sealed seams and waterproof zips which guarantee a warm, dry fit.


The collection also stand out the pants Puma X UEG Sweat shorts - inspired by the classic pants tennis Puma is mixed to the original style of UEG, has a loose fitted cut, a built-in leggings and presents life in a mesh profile that makes it a real premium piece - T-shirt Puma Black-UEG AOP - is characterized by oversized fit basketball and graphics that recall the style of the collection - and the sweatshirt Puma X UEG Crew Sweat - in soft 3-layer reflective fabric to give volume to the silhouette, it is finished with strips of taping that give it an original style.