The policeman recently focuses more on the prevention than the fining. Police action was also appreciated by Dagmar, who won reflective tape. "When you go in the black over the gray asphalt, tonight it is not hard to see," she said.

Information about the amendment does not spread in southern Moravia only police officers, but also to schools. For example, in an elementary school, teachers of pupils in these days explain the new obligations. "Many parents have not registered at all change the law," said the director Jana mayor. She added that at school events made visible reflective elements that will lend pupils.

The amendment of the Act requires the pedestrians when walking along the side of the road or the roadside outside of the village used in case of poor visibility reflective elements. According to the organization, visibility increased with reflective material at night and can be seen over two hundred meters, while a man in a blue dress is seen at about a tenth the distance. At a speed of ninety kilometers per hour is the stopping distance of a car about forty meters. "We therefore welcome the wearing of reflective vests has become a duty," said regional coordinator.