Reflective elements are now a necessity for pedestrians. The British protect themselves and their children, and they also protect chickens now. Modern reflective vests began to be produced to customer requirements.

Hens could not move on the road even during the day, but hardly can disable it. That's worse at night, when drivers have almost no chance to respond to small animal. Fortunately for owners of livestock, there is a solution that raises a smile, although, of course, some people take it very seriously.

According to regulations

In the UK in recent years, not taking a hen only farmer, but also become popular pets, mainly in big cities. A company which manufactures small chicken coops and equipment for small breeders, decided to extend its range by also reflective vests for hens.

"Why did the chicken cross the road so often we do not know, but if you are wearing one of our jackets will certainly comply with traffic regulations? When you are on the road to change tires, keep your chickens safe," attracts a cheerful way to buy the company on its website.

The idea to produce security elements arose spontaneously in the minds of producers, but at the request of customers. "People like us asking elements, so we decided to focus on this area," said Johannes Paul, one of the directors of the company.

There are the beginnings of October a special vest in two colors, yellow and pink. Each vest comes to customer 12 pounds (384 CZK), the acquisition of two jackets suddenly offers a discounted price of 20 pounds (640 CZK).

Safety vests have holes for wings and adjustable Velcro. They are made of breathable fabric and lining was used flections, a material developed by NASA.

Pinks hot

According to the manufacturer hen protects not only against road traffic, but also from bad weather and small livestock and remain clean and dry and warm. Isolation is particularly useful for chickens from poultry houses that have fewer feathers and are more sensitive to ambient temperature.

However, the manufacturer recommends taking down the outfit for the night to hens avoid overheating. Likewise not recommend its use at high ambient temperatures.

Jane Association of British Hen Welfare Trust, which oversees the UK breeding hens, is of course happy outfits. "They are one of the most sensible things in the market. Given that the demand for them, it turns out that people are starting to keep hens as their pets." At the same time hoping that people will stop hens dress in knitwear, in which the animals can get tangled.

After about ten days, safety vests over the Internet about two hundred customers. Meanwhile customer clearly winning pink compared to yellow in the ratio 2: 1st