In Growl Ickier explained the circumstances of the tragic incident. Linden was hit by a car. When the driver stopped at a pedestrian invaded second car, chassis caught him and dragged for several kilometers. The man died.

"The tragic accident occurred yesterday evening in Growl Jackie. The driver of the passenger car hit a pedestrian (no glare), which intruded into the street. When directing stopped to see what happened to pedestrians with reflective vest and to help him, for withholding invaded another vehicle, caught lying chassis and ran with it as a few kilometers.

A pedestrian died from his wounds. Both drivers were sober. The case explains the police and the prosecutor. "- We read in the morning in a police press release.

The more details we asked the press officer of the District Commander of Police in Bryce asp. Dorati Michaela.

 The incident took place at. The last moment he noticed a pedestrian passing by the road. He tried to avoid it but it failed and it hit the side of the vehicle.

 The driver was traveling with a passenger. When the men left with Honda to provide assistance withholding arrive bedded Opel, led by 27-year-old resident of one of the owlish village. When men with Honda reported incident of police invaded the pedestrian with reflective accessories lying - says the policewoman.

 After a few minutes, the police telephoned the second driver, the driver of Opel. He was already in Lenity and also reported hit pedestrian. It quickly became clear that these two applications relate to a single, tragic event. Hit by the Honda and Opel invaded by man is 57-year-old Growl Wackier. As a result of the events he died - reports Dorati Machala.

Policewoman adds that in this case not yet erected anyone allegations. Driver and bystanders were heard. Drivers stopped driving. The case is still explained by the police and the prosecutor. One of the reasons could be the event that the pedestrian was dressed in dark clothes and had no reflective clothing.