Slipped slopes have contributed to the flooding disaster in Braunsbach. Checkpoints monitor now in this restricted area the creek with photo gallery.
  The excavator operator pushes the shovel into the ground, thus stabilizing his vehicle between the chains of Preacher Bach runs into the valley. It is not a normal site. The betrayed the forces from the Agency for Technical Relief, the vigilant of a checkpoint. "The area here is restricted, no pedestrian with safety clothing shall purely" explains Andreas Moslavac, consultant of the THW. Each worker will be counted. "In an emergency, we need to know who is staying here." Each time, tremendous amounts of earth could move.
Now he stands on this Monday morning with red warning safety vest near the abyss in a wooded area above Braunsbach. Pad and pen he has exchanged for a radio. Now it is necessary to coordinate the use of THW.
  The slope in front of him has slipped to around 20 meters wide, the road on top along with it. Some meters below sets just a forestry worker with reflective element the chainsaw. Ten meter logs are notched. The excavator operator lifts the material to then and put it into the slope. "So we build a stable structure that is intended to secure the slope."