The 10th reflective day is marked with events across the country. On Egertorget in Oslo got passing early risers served dance, music and reflective tape.

 Amidst a unfolded pedestrian field of reflective material was director Jan Johansen in Road Safety. Along with reflective dancers from Bårdar, police and Safe Trafikk employees he distributed reflexes to people on their way to work. Several were also joined by a coffee and scones from the booth on Egertorget.

 - I'm glad markings of Reflex's Day around the country. It is important for us to highlight the work we do and tell people that reflex saves lives, says Johansen.

Reflex design

The director recalls that reflex reduces the risk of being hit in the dark by around 85 percent.

- Every year, nearly 20 pedestrians without safety vest were killed in traffic, 90 are severely injured, while 470 are slightly injured. We know that many of these could escape accidents if motorists had seen them, says Johansen.

 The event in Oslo is collaboration between the Road Safety and Traffic Safety Oslo (OTU), while the distributed reflectors are designed by Apparatjik. Present at Egertorget was also Moods of Norway founder Semen Staalnacke, who previously collaborated with Safe Traffic to increase reflex use among people.

- We are working to integrate reflective clothes as a design element. It is the future and making reflex to a part of everyday life, says Staalnacke.