Valla sole keeper of cows: Family Company shall ensure the continuity of future generations (2)
Ltd. Tanager route to a successful family businesses got their start in the early years of the nineties, when the father Tone bought back his ancestral farm. Old farm place he felt out of pine, according to the legends that are 300 years old and stretches until today in their back yard. Lasso’s family decided to build their home here. They arrived Tanager visit with the family, 50 sheep and 7 of dairy cows.
It was the year 1990 when the village began Tanager brisk construction activity. First started building a house, and then onto the road built by sex. Peasant Tone recalled that at the time was engaged in any other farm Roosna-Alliku agriculture or animal husbandry. He is aware that Christmas party at the local diner was always packed with people in safety clothing, and all of those present were farmers. Today, they are the only owners of dairy cows. Their herd has a total of 75 head, and the same number of heifers. In addition to livestock farming was actively involved in agriculture, which provides year-round livestock feed. The farm currently consists of five buildings of the complex, two barns, a garage underground, a sauna, and a dwelling house. In 2011, ready for a new building in the milking parlor table, where it is possible to simultaneously milked 16 cows. Animals parlor called by name. The new building is more office space, workshop, and a warm dressing room. Sheds are greater possibilities for herding, and their goal is to bring the number of dairy cows 100... Milk production per year is nearly 7.5 tones per cow. It is available in already since the earliest days.
The recession kept is virtually untouched, because in the course of the price of milk was not significantly reduced. Its raw reflective material can also be a family enterprise mansion, which is the raw material from the local cuisine line with the principles of food place.
In addition - and heifers from the herd of the farm to find there other feathered and furry, the membership of which shall be appointed by Tone affectionately "zoo" consisting of rabbits, ducks, chickens, turkeys, geese, pony, sheep, goats, pigs and two bulls. There spend willingly time with his grandchildren.
In the spring we are planning to 50-60 piglets who sold off in the fall. There were years when farming went through 100 pigs a year, but now the pig got 50 chicken henhouse. Her love of horses also became Tanagers the beginning, when the family gave her first.
Kari was then only four years old. To date, he has completed Sarver horse breeding. There are currently a total of 13 horses in their stables, four of whom are personal. The rest are under investigation, and by teaching that go on sale. In the future, would like Kari, with his wife to take over the farm, in order to ensure its sustainability.
Family daily routine is intense, and in order that all the work, done a lot together. The Peasant and the hostess wake up half way and heading for the first milking barns. Tone facetiously pointed out that young people have a long sleep, and today they cannot be a barn. In contrast, however, Kari added immediately adjacent to that cause no long sleep, but kids need to bring kindergarten and school. In addition, it is engaged in semi barn animal feeding daughter her husband Valdo. Then lower the cows out and four o'clock in the second milking.
The farm is easy to find a place situated on top of a path Tanager farm with characteristic carvings that had been made thanks to my aunt. Because they had to be somewhere in your mailbox, put it well suited bear motive guard. Reflective vestwas carving his back, because grader started on too closely along the ride. People were still occasional scare that police are once again top of a path. On top of this, however, said farm owner facetiously: "Safety first."