On the whole, the traffic rules in the European Championship host country France are the same as in Germany. Nevertheless, there are important differences besides the reflective vest - which are, they are not observed, can be quite expensive.
  The traffic rules in France differ in Germany in detail of those. Who drives the EM to the neighboring country, should know that. And keep as far as possible that, because the penalties are harsher than here.
  Top speed
  On French motorways a top speed of 130 km / h the following applies on highways are a maximum of 110 km / h allowed. Otherwise, the highway is a limit of 90 km / h. For novice drivers are in the first three years according to the ADAC special rules: Do outside built a maximum drive speed of 80, on highways 100, on motorways 110th
  Because, unlike in Germany, the owner liability applicable in France, can be flashed from the rear. Generally, it will quickly become expensive for caught sinners: Now 20 km / h more cost at least 135 Euros, with more than 50 km / h, up to 1500 Euros. As a rule, but warned about speed cameras with traffic signs.
  The alcohol limit in France is 0.5 percent, for novice drivers with reflective tape in the first three years at 0.2 percent. While the penalties for a small overshoot to 0.8 per thousand to 135 Euros are relatively low, it is then very expensive: up to 4500 Euros and two years in prison are possible. Between 2012 and 2013 had to motorists in France also have breath alcohol testers on board; this scheme is however currently suspended indefinitely.
  The mobile phone calls at the wheel is just as forbidden in France as in Germany. The fine is 135 Euros. Fines threaten for the use of radar detectors. Corresponding devices are fed in fixed models can equal the entire vehicle be seized.
What belongs on board
  shall be carried in France vests, both by car and by motorcyclists. Per vehicle reaches a, but all riders must wear a specimen in an accident or breakdown. Otherwise threaten 90 Euros fine. Cyclists who are at night or in poor visibility on the highway without tightened safety vest road, 22 euros.
Light on or off?
  not compulsory, the running lights. Although there is for motorists a recommendation, but even the French hold hardly mind. Motorcyclists, however, always activate the light, otherwise threaten 35 euro fine.