From May it keeps the motorcycles no longer in the garage: Before the first big tour abroad but it is advisable to obtain information about the Mitführpflichten in each country.
  Although the weather in April is still a little inconsistent, many bikers with reflective tape are already planning their next tour, which also often lead to other European countries. "Before such a journey it is advisable to obtain information about the Mitführpflichten in the country," advises ÖAMTC tourism expert Kristina Tauer. After all, the requirements differ considerably from Austria. Who does not adhere to it, risking heavy fines - whether you are traveling with your own bike or a hired vehicle. "Especially with a borrowed bike you should definitely check that everything that is prescribed, is on board," Tauer holds.
  Not mandatory, but strongly recommended is the entrainment of the European accident report, which is obtained at all ÖAMTC bases. Translation tools are available online in the Country info of clubs where you will find lots of worthwhile information for traveling abroad.
  Safety vest: "A piece of equipment which is required in many countries," explains the ÖAMTC expert. "A distinction is often between Mitführ- and compulsory wearing." The requirement to carry prescribes the driver by law to carry a safety vest. The compulsory wearing, however, means that the driver -. Eg in an accident or breakdown - is obliged to put on the safety vest when he gets off the motorcycle. "Warning:.. The obligation to wear can be prescribed independently of an obligation to carry This means that no penalty is due, if one is stopped without warning vest but you Creates no if, for example, descends because of a breakdown, is very well punished," says Tauer clear. This is, inter alia, in Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Serbia and Luxembourg the case. The requirement to carry reflective vest applies as in Lithuania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain and Slovakia. In Portugal Mitführ- and compulsory wearing only apply to locally registered vehicles - this includes rented motorcycles.
  Warning triangle (s): In Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Malta and Russia is a warning triangle on each motorcycle, in Hungary for those with sidecar duty.
  Bandages: A mobile pharmacy is i.a. prescribed in Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Slovakia and Serbia. Further north, in the UK, Sweden and Norway there is a recommendation for bandages.
  Ersatzlampenset: Spare bulbs must be carried in France and Croatia - but not when the vehicle xenon or LED lighting has. In Hungary and Macedonia there is a recommendation for the transportation of replacement lamps.