Back from vacation, the 29,000 high school students using school buses Lila network faced yesterday morning at a new size: wearing a neon yellow safety vest over their clothing. Now mandatory, this security must be tunic slipped early in the day to get on the bus and in the evening to get off. An idea supported by the Loire General Council, which wishes to strengthen the visibility of students between their places of residence and bus stops. "We see that the most serious accidents occur in this sector," explains the department.

Unprecedented in France, the initiative is welcomed by most parents. "It's a courageous decision, which can only support, approves Christiana Allianz, general secretary of the CIPF. Children are at risk on the roads if not wearing clothing with reflective tape, especially in rural areas and when it is dark. "

As for adolescents, however, seems less enthusiasm. In other city, yesterday morning, the majority of students were well without the reflective vest, but not necessarily by conviction. "I put it because I have to, says Kevin, 15. They say it is for security, but it's been that I take the bus here, and there was never a danger. "" It may be for our good, but it's ugly to have it on the back.”Warns Marion, 13 years.

A few meters from the bus stop, Laurence, 14 years old, she preferred to leave the reflective jacket in his bag. "I do not see the interest. There are always streetlights. It is clearly visible, I think. "She will be leaving for a remark to the driver because of the reflective vest, "this is not for show," insists Yves Daniel, vice president of the council. It must be presented along with the transport card. Otherwise, there will be sanctions, ranging from warning to exclusion. "We will be uncompromising to not let settle a sense of impunity, ensure elected. Safety is everyone's business. I did not want to kill one day a teenager because I have not seen. "