Departure for Euro 2016 plans to 33,000 lucky people in safety vest who managed to draw the match tickets Polish national team in the group stage. However, not only they will be in place to support our players. In each city, which will take place matches will be organized fan zones. The largest of them, which could accommodate up to 90,000 people standing on the Champs de Mars in Paris. Health above all

Despite the growing popularity EHIC, last year released their 2.6 million (77 221 for the people going to France), you should purchase additional collateral in the form of travel insurance. EHIC only provides us with access to public health care on the same basis as the use of the French, and these differ significantly from our system. The patient in France must first pay out of pocket medical expenses, and then apply for a refund.

Not always we can also count on a total return, e.g. A visit to a primary care physician and dentist normally it costs 23 Euros and 25 Euros a specialist, which is returned only 70 per cent. Amount. If your doctor uses higher rates it must pay the difference yourself. Also, the costs associated with the call ambulance are not fully given away (65 percent.). Moreover, in the popular tourist with reflective tape like Marseille and Nice we can be sentenced to benefit only from the private care, and the costs are not reimbursed within the EHIC. In this case, the only safeguard is to have additional insurance. Fortunately, France is one of the areas of insurance A, that is, the purchase of the policy will not be associated with high costs.

- Purchase travel insurance policy will provide us not only access to more medical facilities than the EHIC, but also to minimize any formalities. If we want to make an appointment with a doctor simply call the operations center of our insurer. Its specialists contacted on our behalf with the appropriate medical facility and book the appointment. The policy does give the traveler comfort and support in difficult situations. Buying it if I move to France will cost only approx. 5-7 zlotys per day - explains Piotr Ruszowski, director of sales and marketing at Mondale Assistance.

Ahead of us, at least 5.5 thousand km by car

Some people choose to travel by car. If we decide to support our representation in every match of the group stage, is traveling from Warsaw, we will have to overcome a total of approx. 5.5 thousand. Kilometers. It is approx. 54 hours on the go. At this time it can happen a lot, so you should check the scope of its stake assistance, whether, for example. We can make use of a replacement vehicle in case of failure. Before leaving, you should also take care of appropriate equipment car. In France, the mandatory elements are reflective vest, warning triangle, a set of spare bulbs and a first aid kit. The fans choosing to match the car can buy short-term assistance for the car over the Internet. The price of such a package does not exceed a few dozen of gold for a weekly trip.