The Craft brand of Swedish origin is thirty years specializing in reflective vestand underwear thermoregulatory fibers at the forefront of innovation and good price. Since 1977, Craft has been actively involved in research and development of various tissues with ventilation properties and moisture wicking. The fruit of these efforts is there. With Warmer Weather, Craft has successfully designed cuffs and waterproof leggings and windproof while being breathable and allows the evacuation of perspiration. They use the Wind Vent air technology that provides excellent protection and ventilation in windy conditions.
To be both waterproof and breathable, both articles are composed of two different tissue types. The first consists of 100% polyester and the second 83% polyester and 17% eglantine. This distinction provides a windproof front which still remains elastic and breathable back panel for thermoregulation through Thermo Cool technology combining two polyesters, scratched on the inside for the thermal regulation. The windproof layer leaves a slightly plastic feel to the touch and has a tendency to form wrinkles on the joints, but all is not as unpleasant or annoying for pedaling. The breathable layer is for its sweet and does not feel when the weather is dry.
Over the years, Craft dug deep to understand the individual needs of cyclists. Depth knowledge of how the body works in intense sport situations has allowed them to design these products with seams that perfectly fit the shape and allow movement without any discomfort. We must however take time to place them properly if we do not want to have a feeling of discomfort.
For maintenance, Craft placed two silicone strips on the top, an indoor and one outdoor, for attaching to both the skin and the shorts or jersey. The system therefore acts as clips to keep the cuffs and leggings in place. The only small negative point to note about the maintenance is the lack of tape on the bottom. If the pads are strained, they tend to go up slightly. The solution is to put the socks over the shin pads so they do not move.
Regarding the design, Craft remained sober for these accessories. It is the only black with a border in red silicone in length. The brand logo appears with a reflective material so as to be seen in bad weather or during late night out.
Leggings and sleeves Warmer Weather was tested in dry weather with temperatures ranging from 5 to 15 degrees and a cold rain to 6 degrees. During outings to dry, no feeling too hot or cold was felt. Thermal control is ideal. He at low speed is possible (e.g. mounted) and less than 15 degrees, the regulation is a limit on the arms only. To do this simply to lower cuffs at the wrists or simply turn a little arm to guide the party breathable forward to let a little cool air. However, it is in the rain they have shown their limits. The rear section is not waterproof did a little "sponge" and therefore keeps moisture and cold. However the front plays well his role during the first half hour. Then moisture is felt, but thanks to the reflective fabric windproof cold feeling does not appear. It instead allows quick drying when the rain stops. You will find the leggings to 55 Euros and 45 Euros headlines.