Court of Donetsk Rostov region acknowledged Hope Savchenko guilty of the murder of journalists of VGTRK. At the courthouse, meanwhile, social activists held a picket, demanding a fair sentence.
  In the Rostov region of Donetsk in the courtroom Picket: activists with safety vest demanded that the court render a fair verdict accused of involvement in the murder of Russian journalist Nadezhda Savchenko.
  As previously wrote "Reedus" Hope Savchenko found guilty of the murder of Russian journalist with reflective tape, but she continued to read out the verdict. "Savchenko murder committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons based on hatred and enmity" - this is the decision of the judge. The court also ruled that the Ukrainian aviator made illegal border crossing.
  The picketers intend to continue the action until the end of the reading of the verdict. The placards activists reading "Savchenko, pleaded guilty," "Awards Savchenko - a reward for brutality", "Previously, Ukrainian heroes fought against fascism, not indulged him", "Savchenko was involved in the murder of Russian journalists!", "They fought for the freedom of speech "," their death is guilty Savchenko, "" our journalists do not return "," Kornelyuk and Voloshin -! heroes of our time "!
  Besides, the participants of the picket are holding portraits of slain journalists Igor Korneliuk and Anton Voloshin, tied with black ribbons, and a helmet with a bullet hole and green reflective vest with the word "Press". At the end of the action participants will leave them at the entrance to the courtroom, as well as to lay flowers in memory of the dead Russian TV channel RTR journalists.