How far can a dog to run away from the leader?

  This in turn depends on the breed and work style dog. Bull-type breeds are long and go from the leader and more than six hundred meters away. Conversely Scent Kop ova Slovak, Polish Hound, German Spaniel are longer and go even two kilometers. We used GPS should have a reach of ten kilometers, but from experience we know that about two and a half. It depends on the terrain.
  It often happens that the dog hurt or even dies?
  Unfortunately, it happens not only from pig. About three years ago a friend shot the dog undisciplined shooter. Old whine, maybe stokiloví, the dog can stand up. If a dog reflective tape, usually saves him. Last year, for example, my dog ​​had seventeen holes in the jacket during the season.
  From what you say is hunting wild pigs for the dog very challenging. How long can withstand such a load?
  The dog is perfect creatures with big disadvantage. Dogs that are really into contact with a taste of hunting, usually last long, and sooner or later, some succumb to injuries. The more it is necessary to pay attention to the elements that the dog could protect and minimize the risk. My almost eight year old female English Bull Terrier is among hunting bull terrier, one might say almost unique. Perhaps she was lucky, even though she had a lot of injuries, but has never been so fatal. Normally, the dog is the best hunting years and from three to six years. After this period begin to lose efficiency.
  This is a relatively short time. How long does training a hunting dog?
  I think it is good when hunting dogs with reflective material on clothing take longer to a lesser extent from childhood, from about seven, eight months. They learn to odors and animals alike. But it must be slowly, gradually. Leader also immediately sees if a dog for hunting fit or not. It can be recognized immediately. With regular hunting training is a good way to start the year and a half, when the dog is already mentally mature. Some dogs ripen later. Farther dog consists hunting usability tests under the present Act. But for me it is a priority if the dog is able to do in practice.
  Do you do the dogs every day?
  Mostly yes. Just for example, during the harvests not much time. But the main hunting season is during the winter, when it is in agriculture relative calm.
  Hunting wild pigs is challenging not only for dogs, but also for people with safety clothing. How did you get it?
  I love dogs since childhood. About ten years ago I really started hunting dog handling slowly at first, then more and more actively. Now I have three hunting dogs, of which there are two bull terrier breed. Dog Chico's two-year and eight-year bitch Mina. Moreover, the list includes even minor female of the breed Jack Russell terrier named Jackie and that is nine years old. During those years, I've met people with the same interests, and when they pull together, everything is better, because we go after group as a pack.