By mounting type I divided them into five types. The first - the "magnetic" bracelets cost from 150 rubles. Metallic strips, which are best suited to be worn on the sleeves. Less certain - the impossibility to fix rigidly, so that they do not fall down while wearing to the hand. Type Two - reflectors. Real reflective vest as cycling from our childhood. Round, in the form of hearts, snowflakes. There are white, red and blue. Fasteners - a long plastic springs. whether it will take the cold, not break it? Country of origin (Finland) as it suggests that sdyuzhil ... Price - 100 rubles. The third type - "medals", the icons on the pins of small size. Attract various inscriptions such as "I love the sport!", So for everyday wear can be mistaken for ordinary youth icons. Approximately 100 rubles. Type fourth - Tape with Velcro, operating on the principle of thistles. There are long, to be worn on the hands (70 rubles per one, wholesale almost half the price). There are short, for pens and other bags (40 rubles in retail). The latter are made of dark material, which again is good for those who want to "blend in" and does not show in normal reflective "abilities". Finally, the fifth type - perhaps the most inconvenient for ordinary clothes. Stickers (18 rubles in retail). It is best to put on their school bags, backpacks items, strollers ...
  Try, how it works and whether it works, go out into the street the industry's first to the fire station. There is weak automobile traffic, no street lighting and a flat straight section of the road. In our arsenal Two Liftback - "Lada Granta" (ordinary light) and the latest "Skoda Superb" (xenon). In addition to see whether it affects the work reflectors separate light sources, so also evaluate different "schools" create the headlights - the budget and the actual premium.
Along the side of the road we arrange the cones. They act as reference points, which will be near the pedestrian. 30 meters from the car, 50, 80 and 100. No more law-abiding citizens on the road to besiege his car with a speed of 90-100 km / h at a distance of 100 meters, when he noticed a pedestrian without safety clothing? Enough, even in the wet! A illegitimacy that flies fast as 100? And this scoundrel you must first straighten brains, that we do not. Turn on the dipped halogen "Grant." Black and black Roman, our test subject, sometimes begins to glow like a good garland. It departs 50 meters, then 80, finally, is 100 ... The first striking reflectors in the form of a heart. We reflectors attached to the bag, so he hangs out with walking. From the driver's seat red shimmer looks as if the lamp flashes on the sidelines. It attracts attention. But it is worth considering that for some body position reflectors ceases to be visible. Almost always, in any position of the body and all our checkpoints, visible strips Belarusian bands on the sleeves and "magnetic" bracelet (the one that is longer; short had to take a test - its length is simply not enough for the arm circumference). Regularly reflect light and stickers Halloween, however, we conclude that, for better visibility, there should be a lot on one surface. The same story - with small-kruglyashami stickers and small tapes with Velcro. They work great, the more of them the better. I remember about a photographer who had gone into the darkness of Roman. Novel something shines, and photographer (also around the dark, but without a reflector) has ceased to be visible within 40 meters from the small. All, if it was not human!
  Change the "Lada" to "Skoda" with bi-xenon headlights, and "intelligent" light adapts to the profile of the road. So, firstly, it is immediately noticeable difference in the illumination of the road between the domestic budget and the Czech car, the cost of which crosses over 2 million rubles. Brightness spots on both machines is sufficient, as the uniformity of lighting. But "Skoda" dipped beam has further: the driver can see even the cone, which stands at 100 meters (the band itself is illuminated by 65 meters), while the boundary of light and shadow from the headlights "Grants" is held at a distance of 40 meters from the Liftback! "Skoda" does not blind oncoming. Spot as it goes around the oncoming lane, well "catching" the left side of the road and is great - right. Once again I was convinced: the "Grants" very weak dipped.
Here's what's interesting. Pedestrian reflectors like reflective tape with almost equally well visible even under illumination lights "Lada-Grants." How is this possible, ask readers. The brightness of the two light sources may be the same or different is not strong. But the beam direction ... That's what's important! For myself, I made this conclusion.