The incident occurred overnight at the intersection of America Vespucci Sur almost up to Route 5 South


The driver of a van that descended from his vehicle without wearing a reflective vest killed in America Vespucci Sur near Lo Espoo, after being run over and crushed against the barrier containment of the highway, when your machine was hit the rear by another vehicle.


The incident occurred in hours last night just before the intersection of this road with Route 5 south toward the east, a sector with low light, when the driver of the van checked the engine of your machine.


Because of this, a particular bus hit a truck "and reach the car," according to Metro police confirmed. This creates a chain collision because the truck ended up hitting the van and, following this, "the van imprisons him (the victim) against the containment barriers," according to the uniformed police. In total, six others were injured mild product of the pileup. All of them were taken to various medical centers for treatment.


As known, the fatal victim was 35, but not yet his identity is known.


The accident caused vehicular traffic was suspended in the place of the Vespucci Sur highway, due to the work conducted by the Accident Investigation Section in Traffic (SIAT) of Carabineers.


Therefore, the flow of buses, trucks, vans and cars with reflective tape was deflected by the calentures of the place, by the General Avenue Velasquez, the Lo Espoo Avenue and Grand Avenue.


The remains of the driver of the van were taken to the Forensic Medical Service for the corresponding autopsy.


Madness to get a reflective vest, long lines in importing and an increase in value are some of the consequences of the rush to get the "reflective vest."


The implementation of the rule requiring motor to carry a reflective safety vest inside, which took effect on January 1 vehicle has generated craze get one.


Those who do not behave, they risk a fine of between $ 9,000 and $ 22,500.


However, it is not mandatory dress, so police will not penalize drivers who do not use the implement.