The truth is that the idea promises. Imagine that every time radar you get caught at excessive speed, the camera photo you take your car disappear some of the numbers and letters in your registration. Such a solution prevents, among other things, your ID, and therefore you get rid of a fine for speeding. Surprisingly, this system is not new, nor a false trick. The idea is as simple as cover letters and numbers of registration with some stickers with a reflective surface, which bounces light flash radar, so that the resulting picture is distorted, preventing those letters are read and those numbers, and therefore your ID. In any case, to avoid fines for speeding there are no miracle solutions beyond the most effective of them all, not exceed the speed limits. And as we shall see this solution, which a priori seems so good, it's a tremendously bad idea.


Apparently, in Germany it has become fashionable these days to install stickers of reflective materiallike this in the registration of cars, as told in ABC these days. It's as simple as order them online and place in a few seconds. A Russian has popularized the web, and even shows their installation and operation in a Youtube video somewhat old, which is already close to 2 million views. But to get them not have to go that far, far less. And in fact we are talking about a solution that takes commenting on Spanish forums for years, so even the DGT has already reported on more than one occasion to use, and has extreme vigilance and persecution .


Germany surprising that it is precisely the country that has become fashionable. In its main motorways sections abound no speed limit, and in areas where the speed is restricted is for a very good cause, as being a very close area to a city, complicated weather conditions, or too much traffic congestion at peak times. And it’s dangerous if you don't have some reflective tape on it. Remember that no speed limit of the Autobahn are not permanent, but depend in turn on other variable speed limits that are noticed by light signals as they decide those responsible for traffic management.

The big problem is that the risk of resorting to solutions miraculous how are you priori is really high, for the odds are that fraud is identified, and the sanctions that you could face for it. We talk about really tough sanctions, beside which a fine for speeding may seem ridiculous. A simple risk management and you should discourage resort to this trick, and opt for legal methods, such as warning devices based on GPS radar and the position of fixed radars, and the usual position of mobile radars, and caution.


* An enrollment in poor condition and carries a serious penalty, with a fine of 200 €. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

* Manipulate your car license plate to hinder identification is considered a very serious offense and is punishable by fines of up to 6,000 € and the withdrawal of six points card. A few weeks ago we presented the case of a motorist who had been fined € 2,100 for tuition handles your motorcycle with reflective elements, to transform a C in a G with black tape.


Identify a vehicle with a manipulated enrollment does not seem overly complicated. It is true that, apparently, these stickers are not recognized by the naked eye. But if mobile radar detects a speeding offense captures with his camera, and check that enrollment numbers are missing, how you think it will take to prosecute the offender to intercept and process the appropriate complaint?