Northern Circuit Protection Vahipataljon organizes 23-24th November with reflective element Nome military exercise control of the company "Bear Trace 2."
Purpose of the exercise is to assess the company's operations and will soon provide a reserve outgoing military conscripts patrolling the real experience of urban conditions. In agreement with the district government of the military police patrols moving Nome from November 23 at 00.00 until 24 November at 23:59-Ni.
Exercises involved in the military service does not bear comes to firearms and are equipped with a reflective vest and a belt with a baton and handcuffs. During the exercise, played recruits for a variety of situations to assess appropriate. Situations for the playing of civilians accounted for peace and privacy.
Exercises soldiers with reflective uniform participating in military service began in January this year and will reserve at the beginning of December. An assessment exercise will give feedback to their military policeman skills.