The 061 asks drivers with reflective clothing caution and collaboration to traffic accidents during Easter
The service Health Urxencias of Galicia-061 has asked drivers to use extreme "caution" when driving on the Galician roads during the holidays of Easter and its "collaboration" in case of witnessing a traffic accident .
Given the forecast of an increase in traffic from Thursday, the 061 has called for "caution" and pointed out that, once an accident occurs, it is "fundamental act properly to avoid increasing the number of victims."
First, he pointed out the need to call as soon as possible to the emergency services, because "the person who is in the place of the accident can be very useful, as directed by medical personnel transmitted from the Central Coordination 061 "until the arrival of healthcare resources.
"It is necessary to provide the exact location of the accident site and the condition of the wounded so they can send necessary medical resources," recall from the 061, while warning that, to assist, it is necessary to "park the car a safe place, away from the accident and emergency lights turn on "and get reflective vest.
Another measure to be performed in addition to signaling the accident, turn off lights and removing the damaged vehicle keys and added considering the existence of dangers, such as outgassing, fires or electrical cables.
In any case, from the emergency recall that "what should never do is endanger life", preventing further accidents. Unless there is new fire or collision, do not move any wounded as they could aggravate their injuries.
During Holy Week last year, the 061-Galicia attended a total of 96 people involved in 74 traffic accidents on Galician roads between April 1 and 5 of the same month. The largest number of attention was on the final day on Sunday, with 22 accidents.
By provinces, A Coruña was the one that registered more accidents, with 29, followed by Pontevedra with 22, Lugo, 14, and Ourense, where nine incidents took place.
In relation to victims, 65 percent of those assisted were men and 35 percent women. In addition, 20 percent were between 25 and 39 years.
In 83 cases the injured were taken to the appropriate hospitals, 11 people were treated at the scene and two died.

• Become View: To move you or do sports in low light hours, using reflectance. So you can see a driver 130 meters and has the ability to slow down and avoid an accident. Instead, you are no visible reflectance only 20 meters away, a space that does not give enough time for a driver to react.