Winter comes, the days get shorter, night falls faster and pedestrians and cyclists are increasingly vulnerable to motorists who do not always see.
  When night falls, pedestrians and cyclists without
safety vest are vulnerable. Imprudence that can have serious consequences. The winter season is almost half the pedestrians killed last year, and accidents involving cyclists are increasing. Preventive actions are carried out.
With a reflective tape, pedestrian can be visible up to 150 meters
  Rétrofléchissantes stick strips on the schoolbag children or in the back of cycling proves particularly effective. Beyond 30 meters, an individual having these stickers continues to be visible up to 150 meters. It is also essential that the bikes are visible at night. For this, the lights should be installed. A danger retractor can also sit on the motorbike so that motorists take more distance to overtake the cyclist. Finally, it is advisable to wear a reflective vest.