Villa Vane bicycle traffic in the left side of the road would cause confusion and threats.
This accident raised the question of whether it would be wise to pedestrians, cyclist’s traffic on the same side of the road.
"It has been discussed, but it's still not going. At first glance, yes - in the light of this accident - if there is a straight section of road, the cyclist with reflective clothing sees an oncoming vehicle, "said the official road traffic expert Villa Vane, so that the rider would be able to react when he sees a car flying toward inclining.
Vane added, however, that it would also be cycling to the left side of the road into the only positive side. According to him, the thing gets out of hand, as soon as reaching an intersection or in dense city traffic.
"The bicycle is a vehicle and vehicle traffic is still the right way, and he is also the rest of Europe," said Vane. "What happens at dusk, when the lights are cycling across the road cars, and vice versa? This fact creates confusion and risks significantly more than it benefits. "
Traffic expert believes that if the bike traffic to the other side of the road would be sensible, it would change in the countries where bikes are very popular, such as the Netherlands, have already been done. "I do not know of any country where the cyclists move in the [car] traffic," said Vane. "It has been said, it is made off."
Reflective Vest, and the lateral distance
"This story is not popular, but those people who are moving on the highway at any weather, even in the early spring and late autumn, often in low-light or as tänanegi weather - gray and foggy - it would be helpful to use the safety vest. Make yourself more noticeable to motorists, "said Vane, who said that, however, are often carried shades of gray clothes.

"Often is the case, the driver sees a motorcyclist can have only if late. I do not believe that any of them sober leaders who have traveled to the rider rear-end, it really wanted to do, "said Vane.
The drivers, in turn, should be a biker to ride along as a second car, or leave the safe lateral distance, which is a minimum of 1.5 meters. "If someone comes by, the narrower part of the car on the road is niiehknaa opposite direction and three adjacent road users safely on the road do not fit. It does not need much: a small lapse cyclist, perhaps also heard the approaching car at the last moment, the small oxy, and is in an accident. "
If a driver sees the cyclists, it must also look at whether someone should be adopted and, if necessary, to reduce the speed.”Be ready to start a cyclist can make any maneuver, at any event, fly along the arc of her, leave the safety of the space, because the cyclist can stumble or so shocked."
Vane said that when a cyclist rides a bicycle or by foot, you are not wearing a reflective vest, while important, by car, at any time and in any weather flying riders could wear a vest pulled. "Beautiful, many wear and much more is to see that going away from the rider, especially when the weather is at all, or worse, or sügishommikud kevadhommikud," Vane said.
Traffic Specialist stressed that this will inevitably have a cyclist who hit the car in a collision can be, even if he is not at fault. Therefore, the riders give everything to prevent a potential accident. The drivers, in turn, must take account of cyclists, and take them as equal partners.