The Chilean government said that from January 1, 2016 will be compulsory to wear a reflective vest in the vehicle cabin to travel on all routes in the country. The objective of this measure is that the driver use when you get off the vehicle in case of emergency.
This measure must also be respected by all mendocinos and Argentines who plan to holiday in the Pacific coast and avoid traffic fines.
Chilean Directorate of Civil Defense said that according to the regulations, the safety vest should be yellow fluorescent material with retro bands reflective material not less than 50 mm wide. Failure to wear the vest, the driver will be fined.

In addition, the vest with reflective tape must be in the glove compartment or under one of the seats. Not in the suitcase, because the idea is that if the driver should get off it does wearing this safety feature that will allow you to be seen more than 150 meters.
It should be noted that the measure is mandatory for all vehicles, new or old, and the idea is that drivers are aware and bring it like the chest or triangle.