After a cold and rainy winter, spring has arrived! And with it comes the long-awaited outdoor play. The sun invites you to go outside and play spaces and recreational gain new life. Take the opportunity to encourage children in safety vest to outdoor activities.

But the games do not pass that same note some safety tips:

Whenever possible opt for diverse spaces in terms of recreational offer, with natural elements and allow the practice of free activities like playing ball, caught the, rope, etc.

Make sure the space has an effective demarcation or adequate clearance motor-vehicle traffic.

Check the equipment storage conditions and floor. For example, if there are broken parts or loose, sharp edges, missing screws in the equipment; if the devices are locked (beacons, basketball hoops) and even if there are sharp objects (glass) on the floor.

 Confirm that the child uses light safety clothing and appropriate shoes (tennis or shoes, not flip flops) and who do not wear helmets, scarves or wires hanging around his neck as they can get caught on equipment and cause accidents with severe consequences.

If your child is riding a bike, skateboard or skates, do not forget the helmet and reflective vest and even the elbow and knee pads. Preferably, children should walk in their own spaces, away from cars crossing locations.