Everything is right: Ombudsman Peter Filzwieser asks, Experts answer.
  A breakdown
safety vest in the car mitzuhaben is required. But what if two sit on the motorway or trunk road in the car breaks down? Must get off the second person without breakdown vest?
  ANSWER: explain the experts from D.A.S. legal protection: reflective clothing you have to bear in the in § 102, paragraph 10 Motor Vehicle Act cases regulated. The handlebar must be this high visibility clothing when installing the warning device or when he is on a highway or highway outside the vehicle, tighten. The obligation to wear a suitable warning clothing hits the handlebar of a motor vehicle. Other co-moving people, leave the z. B. in case of breakdown, the motor vehicle must not wear high visibility clothing. That is, you have to carry a warning clothing only for the driver of the vehicle. Apart from a penalty to wear is recommended but for security reasons! This scheme differs in several European countries in detail. It is therefore advisable to check before traveling abroad exactly on the regulations of the respective country. In the Czech Republic, for example, an appropriate
reflective vest must be available for each rider.