The Law of 14 September 2000 on road traffic and on amendments to certain Acts (Road Traffic Act) related to reflective tapes.

(2) In reduced visibility must be organized formation of pedestrians designated front on both sides of non-dazzling white light and at the rear on both sides of glare-free red light. The display of lights can be replaced by clothing accessories bearing the retro reflective tape.

(5) Organized formation of pedestrians passing in double maximum may go down the sidewalk and right; need not be marked in accordance with paragraph 2.

(8) The format and method of use clothing accessories bearing the retro reflective material in the implementing legislation.

(9) If it goes beyond the pedestrian village in reduced visibility on the shoulder or edge of the road at the site which is illuminated by public lighting is required to wear elements of retro reflective material such as safety vest so that they are visible to other road users on the road.

Selection of information from the law relating to reflective elements as below: