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Luminous yellow and orange reflective vests from the ADAC

Le 26 octobre 2016, 12:15 dans Livres 0

Historic racing club in the ADAC is committed to the ADAC Foundation "Gelber Engel"

. Somewhat unbelieving, but also very curious, the ABC shooters, the 25 first graders of the State Elementary School " Ephraim Lessing" on Tuesday morning, when the director of the school, opened their eyes to an important meeting in the foyer of the school Together. Did they even "eat" something, or what was? Of this entire nothing! Only guests had come to the ADAC with Thomas Roth, Chairman of the Historical Race Club. In ADAC, and Brigitte, Member of the Board of HRC, who had brought something with them? Luminous yellow and orange reflective vests from the ADAC were the ones which they handed over to the children and which immediately covered them with glowing eyes.

Seeing and being seen is a very important moment in road traffic and on the way to school in the coming dark season, according to Thomas Roth, who handed over the ADAC warning vest to the ABC shooters to take the starting shot for the safety challenge for schoolchildren of the ADAC in the district Has.

"Every year 30,000 children under the age of 15 are killed in traffic, often because they are not seen or too late. To prevent this and increase safety, children on the way to school should wear reflective clothing such as Wear a safety vest. For this reason, the ADAC "Gelber Engel" Foundation is conducting the security campaign for schoolchildren for the sixth time. It thus makes an important contribution to the traffic safety of children ", can be read in an information material of the ADAC Hessen-Thüringen. Thomas Roth emphasized in the warning vest delivery to the children: "To be seen comes on! Through the reflective material of these safety vests children are seen well in the dark from a distance of 140 meters. If the clothes are only light, they are perceived from a distance of 40 meters. Darkly dressed children can recognize a driver in the spotlight only 25 meters before - too late to stop in time. This is exactly what we, the ADAC and the association, want to change with our commitment. The key to the success of this action, however, is that children also wear safety vests. Parents and teachers should therefore pay attention to the fact that the children wear these vests daily.

“When it came to the distribution of the safety vest, there was of course excitement and big eyes among the children. The West had to be tried at the same time and the schoolchildren proudly introduced them. They already look sharp, the warning vests with the luminous symbols as well as the reflective stripes at the front as well as at the back and on the hood, which let the children shine from afar. But the West was not only dashing, the children felt great in what they saw their bright eyes. And when every one of the first years got a balloon from the ADAC, there was a lot of fun, because you can do a lot.

Tips to keep safety for wet cold season

Le 21 octobre 2016, 12:16 dans Sorties 0

Winter is coming, and so it attracts cyclists again increased on the road. The month of October features golden autumn leaves and the last warm rays of the year. But what is beautiful to look at bringing in traffic also dangers: The sun is low and hidden; people can’t see clearly something without reflective material. Wet leaves make the road to the slide, the dusk is always earlier. And of course there is a lot of rain - by which not only the wheel, but also cyclists suffering. Thick clothes layers also reduce the motility and the field of view.


At no other time of year, it is therefore important to be well equipped and to keep the bike in good shape. With a few tweaks and tricks not only hardened cyclists stress-free through the autumn.


See and be seen

Once it is dark and cloudy, cyclists are particularly at risk and the risk of accidents increases by threefold, warns the German Road Safety Council (DVR). Generally therefore: It does not hurt, even during the day, to throw the lights in the autumn at the latest in the afternoon - especially during rain, twilight and fog. And it may be a bit more, required by law. The Transport Regulations require at least one headlight and a white front reflector, a rear light with integrated reflector and a red rear reflector, two yellow reflectors on each pedal and reflectors on the front and rear wheels in front (or alternatively reflective tapeon the tire). Time counted on own bike? Eight light sources should be at least.


Even light-colored clothing, extra spokes clips and reflectors on helmet; pants and backpack are big pluses. These measures cost little but help much. Of course, fluorescent special reflective clothing is effective, albeit expensive.


Anyone traveling by bike to work, should advance check the cables and lamps - otherwise one is after work suddenly there in the dark. Loose cables are particularly susceptible to demolish or crimping, so they should be firmly fixed with cable ties. Check the terminals to headlight, taillight and Dynamo same time - they should sit tight and not corroded. In the dank season best protect the contacts with a lubricant, otherwise helps sometime only file or sandpaper.

School bags have reflective strips

Le 19 octobre 2016, 12:00 dans Culture 0

Valuable tips for buying the right satchel provides the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management (BMLFUW) under the initiative "Clever shopping for school" at. Recommended are school bags with reflective material that are checked by the school bag standard DIN 58124th these high quality products meet the highest requirements.


As an Easter gift to Satchel great popularity. Also this year is again many of the 80,000 first-graders who come to school in September, outfitted with a satchel in her Easter basket. Choosing the right school bag is crucial not only for the safety and health of children, but also benefits the environment.


All DIN audited school bags have reflective strips that are mounted on the side or on the back. By the garish luminous areas children are more visible especially at dusk and in bad weather. DIN Satchel is also environment-friendly manufacture. It guarantees not contain harmful substances and are therefore particularly friendly.


Five smart tips:

1. DIN Satchel is outwardly good to acknowledge the reflective tape of warning colors (garish, orange, and yellow). When buying it, that the inspection body or the GS mark with DIN 58124 inspection note in the description.

2. DIN Satchel with EGR Plate (Campaign for Healthier Backs) is comprehensively tested for ergonomics.

3. Do not forget a long guarantee - at least three years - to look, and on whether a repair service is offered (cash Bon cancel).

4. Satchel in second-hand shop or residual goods in stores cost you less money for the same quality. Bags which remain in use for the purposes of re-use long provide an environmental benefit.

5. In the satchel is like clothing: Before buying the satchel should be tried if it fits.

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