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The detention of the yellow reflective vest

Le 2 décembre 2016, 10:55 dans Photos 0

Following the decision of NSRF, about the detention of the yellow reflective vest for 2 wheels: The bikers Defense League (MDL) is against the yellow vest, why?


The first argument presented is security. Or a fine for failure detention is provided, and at the same time there is no requirement a biker to ride with equipment (except the headset) to a minimum security setting.


This is why the LDM offers other more reassuring solutions that is accepted and understood by all:

- Encourage full equipment port, including increased visibility, as helmet, gloves with reflective tape, jacket, pants and shoes fit. The cost of its equipment is very expensive, especially for young drivers, we ask the transition to a reduced 5.5% VAT.

- Reduced insurance premiums, if the biker presents proof of purchase of equipment full. For this propose equipment packages in collaboration with manufacturers.


So, if you too are against wearing the yellow vest, sign this petition.

The MDL is counting on you and thank you in advance for your support.

Safety vest prevention of road risks

Le 30 novembre 2016, 11:01 dans Livres 0

The police in safety vest are called VP2R: visibility, prevention of road risks. This new vehicle control mode in the department has been tested Thursday, November 3, 2016. Thirty offenses have been verbalization.


"It's simple, since Thursday, November 3, 2016, we may ask all the patrols do not provide specific mission to stop at the place where they are, says Emmanuel Weber, Squadron commander county Highway safety (RDHS) in Calvados. The men donned a yellow vest and carry out spot checks. It is a preventive action. We verbalize that serious offenses related to alcohol, narcotics, and the speed and priority rules. "


100 policemen mobilized

Thursday, November 3, 2016, the gendarmes and tested for the first time a new type of controls as part of road safety: VP2R as visibility, prevention of road risks. A total of 40 police patrols were mobilized for a total of a hundred men.


311 vehicles checked

Of 311 vehicles checked in the department for a total of 393 people identified, 30 offenses (one for driving under narcotics, four for excessive speed and twenty-five for behavioral mistakes such as the use of mobile devices) were the object of verbalization. "These random checks should be carried out 1-2 times a week in Normandy”, warns Emmanuel Weber in reflective vest.

Provide reflective material for safety activity

Le 25 novembre 2016, 09:29 dans TV Ciné 0

NEXCO West Japan December 18, it is to perform a tour of Wakayama junction construction site of Hanwa motorway with reflective tape sign. In opening before the construction site, perform a public construction equipment height of the pier is being used description and actually of the construction method of the 100 meters a bridge. Participation is more than 4 grades of elementary school.


It is to be held on December 18, Wakayama Junction Hanwa motorway and Kyoto motorway (Osamu northwest road) is connected.

 In the tour of Wakayama junction is located in the harsh mountains of the very inclination, with receive an explanation, such as the construction method of the bridge; it is possible to experience the large panorama from the top of the height of the bridge of about 100 meters. In addition, such as seen the actual construction equipment up close, it can be opened before unique experience.


 Taking into account the safety, participation is more than 4 grades. Under the age of 18 apply together with one or more persons or guardians, to participate. Helmet, safety vest, preparation of work gloves is to provide in the sponsor side, there is a need to participate in well-comfortable shoes and clothes also dirty. Application is accepted from site tours application form NEXCO West Web site.


see! Highway discovery "Hanwa motorway Wakayama junction construction work"

time and date: 2016 December 18 (Sunday) 13: 00 ~ (scheduled to end 16:00 time) canceled in case of rain

Set location and time: Previous Nankai Wakayama Station 13: 00 to set, or set in until 13:30 to JR Wakayama Station East

target: participation and fourth grade or higher under the age of 18 parents wear reflective vest(one or more persons)

capacity: 25 people applicants large number of case lottery

Admission: Free

How to apply: NEXCO West "I see highway discovery announcement of site published" in the application form from the reception desk.

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