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A reflective vest for chickens

Le 19 janvier 2017, 04:33 dans Humeurs 0

In the UK, a company that sells reflective vests for chickens. The reason for this decision for business is the ranks below.


How many of you have thought it would be better to buy a hen instead of a dog after the pet? Well, in the UK there are increasingly more people who prefer a hen instead of a dog or a cat to make them more beautiful lives.


And, like any pet, chickens arrive at a time, across the street, right? And here comes into play British company omelets, offering reflective jackets for much-beloved pet birds. Jackets should to alert drivers of the existence of a hen on the road.


Johannes Paul, one of the company executive’s scrambled eggs, told The Telegraph that "most people who have chickens as pets will keep them out and heard chickens crossing the street."


Besides the role of reflective safety vest, garments dedicated hens provide protection against the cold and rain. Here, then, as we turn slowly at times when the hens pecked walked off the roads and that were in their path. Only now we can see better.


Don’t dim! Shine example! – Reflective clothing

Le 17 janvier 2017, 06:42 dans Humeurs 0

Not only too many homes, but also churches, December 6 visited Santa Claus with a reflective bag full of gifts. Beautiful tradition does not run out, among others, in Chechnya, in the parish of Holy Nativity. Rotary held as usual; visit the saint was supposed to be a surprise.


After the sermon on the gossip that even St. Teresa of Jesus was an obstacle on the path to holiness (rotary since held under the slogan "Solo Dios Baste - God alone is enough" and apply just as the Spanish saint) and the blessing come the sound of fire engines ... sirens.


All eyes turned toward the door through which he entered St. Nicholas escorted by local firefighters and police officers. All of this was supposed to be a reference to the second code rerate in Chechnya "does not dim - shine example." Shine literally, because thanks oakum reflective vest (which he had to give away St. Nicholas, but ordered parcel has not arrived to the parish at the time).


- In Chechnya are plenty of narrow and unlit roads, on which foot beige no glare is in mortal danger. Especially in winter, when it gets dark quickly - he explains Fr... Matthew Wick, vicar. - That's why we decided to combine with the promotion of safe behavior on the road - he adds.


Sam has already won a successful action "reflective". The investor, where he worked within the practice of deacon, became known as the "father of Matthew," marched to school in fluorescent vest.


For each of the children present at the reattach was a small gift (slightly larger, as a thank you for ministry in the parish, they received ministers, teachers, and community members oasis Children of Mary). The police in safety vest meanwhile promised that will make every effort to reach glare at anyone who wants to "lead by example", going to school, church or returning home.

See and be seen – safety vest

Le 13 janvier 2017, 06:39 dans Humeurs 0

Those who like fast running out, let us know: at this time of the year you will find it hard a time to train in daylight. The road to and from work and school is often made in the dark. And who in the fall anyway plant daytime training, confronted often with gray skies and rainy conditions. How do you make sure you can see where you are and, more importantly, how to prevent others see you in the dark about the head?


Fortunately, there are more and more products available to ensure that other road users you do not overlook. put some tips for you at a glance: sportswear

Buy sportswear? Please note that there have been processed reflective pieces of fabric at strategic locations. When the lights of a car, a lamp or the light of a bicycle shed light fabric on these pieces, this light material. This increases your visibility considerably. Almost all sports brands have high visibility clothing in their collection.


Anyone who in the dark sports, they must have: lights that you are clearly visible to others. Lately previously used mainly LED lighting: giving bright light, long lasting and is not too expensive to buy. You bind the lights easy for your arms and, if desired, your ankles, making you stand out well. A big advantage is that they weigh almost nothing. Many lights you can not only turn, but also blink, thus further increasing the attention. For a few Euros you go well on the road lit!


Reflective vest

It is useful if there is reflective pieces of fabric is incorporated into your workout clothes, but even more striking with a separate safety vest. You'll of course not want to be limited in your movement. Where this kind of vests currently used around you fluttered in sports, is the fit of it now improved a lot. Also in the field of materials are major steps put forward: the fabric breathes more. You actually hardly notice you're wearing a vest. But your fellow road users even more!


See for yourself

When you're running in the dark, it is a mistake easily made. Such as stumbling you have quite a long load. Will not only be seen but also see where you are going? Wear a kind miner’s lamp to your head or choose a pet lamp. Or take a hand torch with you. There now (completely waterproof!) Even with an LED beam the road ahead well-lit. A red colored LED light on the back of the lamp makes sure you are highly visible to following traffic. This kind of flashlights can be obtained from the better sporting goods. Thanks so convenient!


Spoiled for choice

There are many more items available that increase your visibility. What to think of a lighted sports armband which you can put your Smartphone, LED illuminated shoelaces and shoe clips with reflective tape? Pay a visit to a sporting goods store and let you informed about sports lighting. Bring yourself and other road users unnecessarily at risk and make sure you are seen!


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